• International brigade May 1st for the first time in Camagüey

    From the next April 25, for four days, this province will be the epicenter of the International Brigade of Solidarity May 1st. For the first time in Camagüey, 300 members of the International Brigade of 30 nationalities will exchange in productive centers, cooperatives, scientific institutions and hospitals.

  • Cuban workers gear up for massive May Day March

    Havana, Cuba, (acn) Cuban workers throughout the island prepare massive mobilizations in support of the accords reached by the recent 7th Congress of the Communist Party as all  unions and the non-state sector get ready to stage huge marches on May Day.

  • May belongs to the people (+ Gallery of the parade in Camagüey)

    Camagüey.- The people dawned before the sun in the Camagüeyan streets. Nobody stayed at home, the smallest, once again, played being doctors, bricklayers, teachers and ballerinas. Of the hand of their parents and grandparents they did not hesitate to give the best of their smiles this May 1st.

  • Now and then, May 1st in Cuba

    Camagüey.- "Useless was to ask him to moderate his efforts and to take care of his health. It was the only thing in which this modest, docile and disciplined party member, neglected the requests of his partners and the exhortations of his Party (...) we do not come to bury properly a dead person, we come to deposit a seed.", Fidel predicted in the burial of the captain of the working class, Lázaro Peña González.

  • The Camagüeyans to parade on May 1st

    Camagüey.- A few hours before the International Day of the Workpeople, the provincial direction of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) convenes the members of the biggest organization of masses of the country to participate in the festivities of May 1st.

  • The Public Health at the head on the parade

    Camagüey.- Over 12 000 workers of the sector of the Public Health in the province and their relatives will head the parade of May 1st in each of their municipalities, in representation of the 31 230 and of a special way those that returned from West Africa where they faced the hemorrhagic fever of the virus of the Ebola and hold high the name of Cuba for their delivery and professionalism, at the risk of their own lives.