• Priority in Camagüey to the formation of children’s daycare educators

    The completion of the workforce in Children’s daycare (CI) is one of the priorities in this province, to offer response to the indications of the Ministry of Education related to demographic policy and attention to working mothers, and those who have had multiple births.

  • Fidel, a source of inspiration for young teachers

    Camagüey, Cuba,  (acn).-  In the Third National Meeting of Students of Pedagogical Schools, underway in the eastern city of Camaguey, participants said Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro is a source of inspiration for their teaching vocation.

  • Blue colors to honor Che Guevara

    Camagüey.- This Thursday, October 8th, date in which is remembered the 48 anniversary of the fall in combat of Ernesto Che Guevara, again the Camagüeyan children, like those of the whole Cuba that study first grade of the elementary education, will knot to the neck the blue shawl, symbol that distinguishes them like members of the Jose Marti Young Pioneers' Organization (OPJM) in its Moncadista stage.

  • Camagüeyan students in day of election and homage

    Camagüey.- The Camagüeyan students felt huge. The concentration in their squares, the ballots, the ballot boxes or simply the raised hands were sufficient for the election of their pioneriles structures, express pretext for the celebration and the remembrance of the day, last September 29th.