HAVANA.- (ANC) Made up by 37 players, mostly young, the national pre-selection of the Cuban team that will participate in the Canadian-American Independent Baseball League (Can-Am) was announced in this city.

The players will begin training on May 16 at Havana´s Latinoamericano stadium under guidance of Roger Machado, manager of the squad.

Catcher Yosvani Alarcon, third baseman Jefferson Delgado; as well as outfielders Víctor Víctor Mesa and Yoelkis Cespedes, all with experience in the 4th World Baseball Classic, stand out in the group.

We are happy with the team, especially for the possibility of working with young players who have earned this opportunity with their performance in tournaments like the National U23 series, Machado told the press.

Yosvani Aragon, Cuba´s national baseball director, explained that they want these young athletes to gain experience thinking about futurem, competitions like Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Last year, during its first incursion in the Can-Am League, Cuba had a favorable balance of 11 wins and 9 losses.

This season they will play 21 matches in 22 days, in a contest that will begin in early June and which is attended in its first phase by eight sides, including six local.

Here is Cuba´s complete pre-selection:

Catchers: Yosvani Alarcón, Ariel Martínez, Franklin Aballe and Olber Peña.

Infielders: Guillermo Avilés, Yordanis Samón, Juan Carlos Torriente, Humberto Bravo, Raul Gonzalez, Dainier Galvez, Yeniet Perez, Jefferson Delgado and Yulian Milian.

Outfielders: Víctor Víctor Mesa, Yoelkis Cespedes, Denis Laza and Eliecer Griñan.

Pitchers: Yoanni Yera, Ulfrido García, Alain Sanchez, Vladimir Baños, Jose Ramon Rodriguez, Frank Medina, Luis Castro, Yosbel Zulueta, Dariel Gongora, Yousimar Cousin, Leomil Gonzalez, Dairon Duran, Luis Castillo, Yariel Rodríguez, Yasmany Hernandez, Cesar Garcia, Dachel Duquesne and Geonel Gutierrez.