The improvements in the quality of the mobile telephony service will soon cease to be a utopia for the people of Camagüey. With the installation of 30 new base stations, of which 28 are destined for the provincial capital, congestion will decrease, which, at certain times of day, produces the multiple accesses that users make to the Etecsa network.

18 June 2019

In Camagüey, safe blood

With more than 9,000 active donors, stable deliveries since 2012, and the mission to continue adding young people to the movement, this province is at the forefront of the National Blood Program in Cuba, in operation since the 1960s .

18 June 2019

 Throughout Camagüey, I reject any Yankee interference

The new measures of the administration of US President Donald Trump on June 4 to stifle the Cuban economy, as well as the activation of Title III of the perfidious Helms-Burton Act in May, continue to be rejected by all people of Camagüey, in the province with the greatest territorial extension of Cuba.