31 May 2019

Home Mgr. Adolfo, do well all works (+Photos)

Nine bells struck the attention of the present. The 13-year work of the Catholic Church in the territory together with the political and governmental authorities yielded fruit. Even the impetuous sun did not undaunted the great smiles and the finery of body and soul that were extended in each embrace and in every greeting; because the day of the inauguration of the Home Monsignor Adolfo Rodríguez is a feast among the faithful.

30 May 2019

Players request return to national volleyball team

The Cuban Volleyball Federation informed that the ex-members of the national team Robertlandy Simon, Michael Sanchez and Raydel Hierrezuelo made official their request to be reinserted in the Cuban sports system.

29 May 2019

Camagüey´s Hotel facilities open summer season 2019 with better comfort

 With excellent comfort of the rooms and variety of gastronomic offers opens the summer season 2019, June-October, the Camagüey´s facilities of the Hotel Group Cubanacán both for the domestic market as well as foreigner vacationers , was reported in the City of the Tinajones.

29 May 2019

The drums of San Juan start to ring in Camagüey

The Council of the Administration in the provincial capital approved the program for the celebrations of San Juan Camagüeyano, which is traditionally held every year from June 23 to 29.

28 May 2019

Cuban chancellor starts official visit to China

Bruno Rodriguez, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba begins this Tuesday an official visit to the People's Republic of China at the invitation of his host counterpart, Wang Yi.

27 May 2019

Computerization in rural communities of Camagüey

The Young Club of Computer and Electronics (JCCE) in the province of Camagüey maintain the premise of extending this year access to other public, through a program of technological literacy, which begins in the current month.

27 May 2019

   Santa Cruz del Sur: Battle against Marabou (+Photos)

Many of his acquaintances came to consider them crackpots. In order to be able to realize the productive ideas had first to cut a lot of marabou.

27 May 2019

Cuba and Russia analyze reinforcement of strategic nexuses

The Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, is discussing this Monday with his Russian counterpart, Serguei Lavrov, the development and reinforcement of strategic links between the two countries.

23 May 2019

Albornoz: "When I broke the ice everything changed"

The Grand Master Carlos Daniel Albornoz has made history in the elite group of the 54th Memorial Capablanca, since after achieving only a point of five possible in the first round, knew how to reap two and a half points during the second stage to finish in the fourth place.

23 May 2019

Began in Camagüey edition 25 of the Film Critic’s Workshop

The 25th Film Critic´s Workshop began on Tuesday night in the Palatine Hall of Multiplex Casablanca in this city, with the same premise of resistance with that emerged in the decade of 90 of the last century.