Recognition for the cultural avant-garde

The groups of the House of the Young Creator and of the Company of Restoration of Camagüey received the flags that credit them like National Avant-garde for six and three consecutive years, respectively.

15 August 2018


“… it was not for posing for the History that he put the breast to the bullets when the invasion came, which he faced to the hurricanes on an equal footing, from hurricane to hurricane …”.

Eduardo Galeano

15 August 2018

Implemented cooperation programs for the agricultural development in Guáimaro

In this municipality, three cooperation programs in the agriculture and fishing, are implemented with the target to impel the economic development of the territory, eminently stockbreeder.

15 August 2018

Essence of the nationality

The bourgeois revolutions marked the course of the constitutional exercise as the process that establishes the limitation of the exercise of the political power and hoists the rights of the individual opposite to the State. The Constitution is a norm of relation and principles, which governs the juridical arranging and the ties between the political power and the people. The first one, that of the United States, dates of 1787.