US Republican Senator Jeff Flake Confirms that It’s Safe to Travel to Cuba

Republican Senator Jeff Flake highlighted on Monday in Havana that traveling to Cuba is safe in a clear message for those that have wanted to impede US travelers to visit the Caribbean island.

05 June 2018

Climate Change Affected the Current Sugar Harvest in Cuba

The AZCUBA Sugar Group announced on Monday in Havana that the 2017-2018 harvest has concluded ahead of time due to the intense drought during the last two years, too much rain since last September with Hurricane Irma and the recent precipitations.

05 June 2018

Dairy harvest season of 2018 in Camagüey has high pretensions

The nature has showed to the stockbreeders of Camagüey the best of its smiles in this 2018, it is enough to go out of the city to see that the Camagüey´s flatness is grown green again and the cattle recover from the ravages of the drought of last year.

05 June 2018

The workers of sugar mill Siboney, in Sibanicú, set on themselves to the climatic adversities and with their own sugarcane and of other plantations of the province, fulfilled for sixteenth occasion the plan of sugar, the only factory of Camagüey that achieved it.