Minrex: Cuba expresses solidarity and support for Lula

Declaration from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' director general for Latin America, Eugenio Martínez Enríquez

06 April 2018

Their eyes reflect the pride of feeling part of the radio, media to which they dedicated the whole life and, more than a simple work, it turned into hearth and into space so that a romance was arising turned now in 30 years of marriage.

06 April 2018

Cuba: imminent detention of Lula da Silva a serious act

Cuba expressed its solidarity with Brazil’s former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva following the rejection by Brazil’s Federal Supreme Court of a Habeas Corpus presented by Lula’s defense attorney and considered his possible detention a very serious action.

06 April 2018

La Maravilla puts music to the Camagüey´s youth entertaining

The Union of Communist Youth in Camagüey gave recognition to the orchestra Maravilla de Florida, during the concert last night at Freedom Square, with which the new generation of Camagüey´s citizens received 56 anniversaries of the UJC and 57 of the José Martí Pioneers Organization.