Retail e-commerce soon in Cuban national currency

The Cuban shopping network Tiendas Caribe, formerly TRD, will open an e-commerce service in summer, in Cuban pesos, the national currency which currently runs parallel to the convertible pesos which equals the value of dollars.

05 April 2018

Cubans drill the deepest horizontal oil well in Latin America

 Using the extended-reach drill, Cuba is developing what has been considered the deepest horizontally-drilled oil well in LatinAmerica as deep as 8,240 meters.

05 April 2018

Summit of the Americas, a 2018 hostile scenario

The Summit of the Americas to take place next week in Lima Peru, would present a scenario more hostile than that held in Panama three years ago, to which Cuba was invited for the first time after having been excluded for over two decades.

05 April 2018

Of the History, the future and the reality of a Camagüey´s young man

Osvaldo Betancourt Cardoso is one of the four Camagüey´s citizens, which was recently winner of the Abel Santamaria medal, awarded by the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba on a proposal from the Union of Young Communists.