12 January 2018

Agramontinas and avileñas in team Camagüey for Top League of Basketball

The team that will represent this province in 8th Top League of Basketball for ladies, with a foreseen beginning for the next 21st in the city of Guantanamo, ten players of Camagüey and two of Ciego de Ávila integrate it.

11 January 2018

Because in Cuba every life counts

The Maternal and Child Care Program (PAMI) is one of the best performances of the Cuban Public Health. In the recently concluded 2017 the country achieved the lowest infant mortality rate in its history, a feat that was also achieved in Camagüey, with a record of 3 deaths per 1,000 live births.

11 January 2018

Ballet of Camagüey in Switzerland

The Ballet of Camaguey is in Switzerland to start its international tour, especially with the play Carmen, which will be presented in that country and in several stages in Spain, until the beginning of February.

10 January 2018

The Newspaper Adelante of Camagüey, celebrates 59 anniversary

The impact of information and communication technologies in the role of the journalist under the center of the debate on the opening of the day for the 59 anniversary of the provincial newspaper, first founded in Cuba after the triumph of the Revolution.

08 January 2018

The efficiency in the center of the strategy of the Cuban economy

The conscious mobilization of workers to raise the use of reservations of efficiency in our economy, is the strategic task of the Cuban trade union movement in the current year 2018, expressed Ulises Guilarte de Nacimiento, the general secretary of the Central of Workers of Cuba

08 January 2018

Camagüey, four months after Irma

Just when four months have elapsed in the wake of Hurricane Irma, in this province are appreciated the results of the tasks of recovery.

08 January 2018

World's Second Oldest Woman Is Cuban

Emilia de la Caridad Quesada ''Mima'', a resident in the Cuban province of Cienfuegos, about 233 kilometers east from this capital, qualifies today as the world''s second oldest woman.

08 January 2018

President Bachelet highlighted cultural ties between Cuba and Chile

The Chilean president, Michelle Bachelet Jeria, recalled in Havana the intense and historical cultural ties between her nation and Cuba, and how the island's artistic manifestations reached that people in the hard years of military dictatorship.

05 January 2018

The recuperative process of the housing of Camagüey, with 16,000 square kilometers, after the passage of Hurricane Irma, shows considerable progress today with the rehabilitation of 9,400 homes.

05 January 2018

Cuba and European Union Work in Development Projects

The high-ranking representative of the European Union’s Foreign Policy, Federica Mogherini announced on Thursday in Havana that Cuba and the EU will sign several agreements to finance projects for the development of renewable energies, agriculture and cultural exchange on the island.