18 January 2018

Cuban Baseball: Las Tunas reach the Final for First Time in History

Las Tunas got the remaining ticket to the grand final of the 57th Cuban National Baseball Series when knocking out 10-0 Industriales in the seventh match of this semifinal playoff.

16 January 2018

In Camagüey to build a future of science

In Cuba The Day of Science is celebrated each 15 of January. Year after year scientists camagüeyans commemorate the date imbued in the example of Fidel, and with the satisfaction of contributing to the solution of specific problems affecting the population.

16 January 2018

Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), visited the Military Industrial Company of Camagüey Major General Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz, founded almost 30 years ago by the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz.

16 January 2018

Garlic: kindness for the health and the palate

The garlic much used in the Cuban kitchen and of other nations to achieve an exquisite flavor in the meals, also has multiple kindness for the human health, as natural antibiotic, capable of fighting different sufferings.

15 January 2018

Cuba condemns Trump´s racist remarks

The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Relations condemned the racist remarks made by the US president Donald Trump some days ago, reported Granma newspaper.

13 January 2018

This Monday, the national direction of the Inder confirmed the achievement of the fifth National Classic of Route. The test will fulfill a tracing of 1 341 kilometers distributed in eleven stages (two less than the previous year). The same ones will be runfromFebruary14 to 25.

13 January 2018

 The prestigious Swiss orthopedic surgeon Eduard Buess-Watson headed the fourth one of five surgical interventions of complaints of the shoulder performed in the university hospital Manuel AscunceDomenech, of this city, by means of the employment of the novel technique of arthroscopy.

13 January 2018

Here I am, Fidel put to his image of the child in front of the monolith. Jorge Luis Sánchez Rivera was achieving what he wanted after several attempts, nevertheless, he did not check the files up to almost one year later. It was enough to put it out to the cyberspace and the snapshot of this photographer of the Magazine Bohemia became "viral".

13 January 2018

The way of the guitar

When the troubadour Antonio Batista sings to his audience, he plays the truths that, he says, they do a musical. In his themes he pours the impressions on the soul will leave the female beauty, the streets of Camaguey, the chiaroscuro of life and love toward all that reason or person that led, spontaneously, by the way of the guitar.

12 January 2018

The international airport of Camagüey increased its arrivals

The international airport Ignacio Agramonte, of this city, increased in 2017 the number of operations of entry and exit in approximately five per cent, with regard to the previous year, and via this installation 248 thousand 450 passengers, nationals and foreigners traveled.