24 January 2018

Cuban Baseball: Granma achieve First Win in the Grand Final

Granma beat at home 10-6 Las Tunas, thus achieving their first win in the grand final of the 57th Cuban National Baseball Series.

24 January 2018

Cuba Highlighted Strategic Validity of CELAC

Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez highlighted on Wednesday in Santiago de Chile the strategic validity of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) in achieving regional consensus.

24 January 2018

Over 40 Countries to Participate in International Book Fair

The 27th International Book Fair to be held from February 1st to the 11th in Havana and extended until May 13th in the rest of the country will have the participation of over 40 countries and 400 foreign guests.

24 January 2018

Cattle cooperative of Camagüey for being supported to the avant-garde in dairy production

The peasants of the Credit and Services Cooperative (CCS, Spanish acronym) Evelio Rodríguez Curbelo, of Camagüey´s municipality of Jimaguayú, execute a wide program directed to contribute this year a million 800 thousand liters of milk to the industry, and to support the avant-garde condition inside the millionaire movement of the cattle in the country.

22 January 2018

Las Tunas takes 2-0 lead in Cuban baseball final playoff

Las Tunas trashed 11-4 Granma in the second game of the grand final of the 57th Cuban National Baseball Series.

22 January 2018

The capital city of Camagüey will reinforce the urban transport service

In order to strengthen the service of urban transport in this city - among the most densely populated areas of Cuba-, the province will receive close to a bus stop 20 Diana the near month of February, and this amount is in addition to the nearly 80 teams from this type existing in the municipality.

22 January 2018


Time. That is what life is all about. Do not deceive yourselves. Even these three missions of nobility poetically entrusted the human being: to have a son, to sow a tree and to write a book, are only affectionate ways of aspiring to penetrate the fences of our epoch.

22 January 2018

In Florida, Camagüey, broad program investor in Greeting to the 26 of July

More than 500 works of socio-economic benefit, to respond to almost 900 approaches of the population, will be implemented in the municipality of Florida, the headquarters of the activities in Camagüey by 26 July, the Day of the National Rebelliousness.

22 January 2018

Constitution of councils in Camagüey gives continuity to the electoral process

The Constitution of the People's Councils (CP) takes place in this province, where to date has not materialized that step of the current Cuban election process in 55 of the above-mentioned structures of government.

18 January 2018

Film about Ignacio Agramonte will glorify civic and patriotic values

In February it will start the shooting of the largest fiction feature, dedicated to Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz, the eponymous hero of Camagüey, announced here its director, the Cuban filmmaker Rigoberto Lopez Pego.