18 October 2017

A day filled with signs of infinite love, admiration and respect for Cuba was experienced at the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students underway here, a day in which many ratified their condemnation of the unjust US blockade against Cuba.

18 October 2017

The International Congress on Information Technology, Cyber Society 2017 began on Tuesday in Havana with the presence of some 450 experts from China, US, Germany, Spain, Uruguay, Ecuador, Guatemala and Cuba.

12 October 2017

Experiences of the Cuban youth ministerial meeting in Russia

 Cuba will participate in an international ministerial meeting of leaders of institutions to implement policies for young people, with headquarters in Russia as a prelude to the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students.

12 October 2017

The vocational training of the new generations, a priority task in Camagüey

 Motivating in the new generations the study of educational profiles, technicians and others which contribute to local development, is the purpose of the meeting between teachers and students on vocational training and career guidance 2017-2018, inaugurated this Wednesday in the province.

12 October 2017

In Sierra de Cubitas continue to environmental sanitation work

The workers of the Industrial Production of Camagüey spent the day this Sunday to the cleanliness and sanitation of the Community Cubitas, as part of the remedial phase, following the passage of Hurricane Irma a little over a month ago.

11 October 2017

 The migraine: headache for the doctor?

In this occasion we dedicate the section to a suffering, of which not for acquaintance, it is known enough, and it is the case of the migraine. In this occasion, and to advise us about its particulars, we have the help of the recognized Dr. José Ángel Infante Ferrer, specialist of 2nd. Grade in Neurology and Intern Medicine, and Teacher Assistant, of the university hospital Manuel Ascunce Domenech, of this city.

11 October 2017

Eusebio Leal Calls to Preserve Unity of the Nation

Eusebio Leal, City Historian for the city of Havana called on the population on Tuesday at the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery in Santiago de Cuba for unity and maintain the legacy of the forefathers of the Homeland.

10 October 2017

Mexican Secretary of Health Visits Cuba's Medical Brigade in Oaxaca

Secretary of Health Jose Narro visited the Cuban medical brigade that is treating the people affected by the September 7 earthquake in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, in the state of Oaxaca.

09 October 2017

Cubans will be marking the 149th anniversary of the “Grito de Yara“ (Cry of Yara), on Tuesday.  That was the uprising which triggered Cuba´s Ten Years’ War, the island´s first war of independence that was led by Carlos Manuel de Cespedes.

06 October 2017

 “I knew well that you were going to return, that you were going to return from any place, because the pain has not killed the utopia, because the love is eternal and the people who loves you do not forget you”.

Gerardo Alfonso