Camagüey´s citizen with direct passage to Sochi

After the whole electoral process, in which 95 % of the workpeople of the Pediatric Hospital Eduardo Agramonte Piña of this city participated, Juan Infante Argüelles was elected as the first direct delegate of the province to the World Festival of the Youth and the Students that will take as headquarters the Russian city of Sochi, in October of this year.

19 June 2017

Cuba reiterates willingness to keep talks with the US

Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, Cuban Foreign Minister, reiterated today from Vienna, Austria, the willingness of the Cuban government to continue dialogue and cooperation on issues of mutual interest with the United States on the basis of equality and respect.

19 June 2017

Remedies against the laryngitis

Wherever you want to look, the cigarette does not have a kind side. Scarcely, the harmful smoke enters the mouth, the gradual decline happens, in the smokers, of organs like the larynx. Nevertheless, there are natural remedies capable of restoring the functions of this conduit and even, that they help to face the addiction to this silent enemy.