HAVANA, CUBA.- (ACN) Sugar production will be decisive in the increase of the economy this year in Las Tunas, province that has in plan to grow in a 17 percent in the mercantile production, in relation to the previous year.

Delegates to the Provincial Assembly of People's Power in the territory,proposed at the 21st Ordinary Session, that the workers of the sector have to multiply their efforts, as the current harvest does not advance as planned, with the exception of Majibacoa sugar mill.

Pedro Jiménez, Deputy Director of the Sugar Company, acknowledged that the objective is demanding, but the possibility that the entity to contribute with 88 percent of the economic growth that the province planned, is feasible to comply.

In that sense, Jiménez argued that regardless of the fact that sugar production is below the program, to date they have already processed 46 000 tons more than those produced in the same period last year.

Las Tunas surpassed commercial production by five percent in 2016, totalizing more than 1.4 billion Cuban pesos, but that amount could have been substantially increased if the Sugar Companies, Agro-industry, Agro-industry Logistics and Stainless Steel Company had had the expected results.

Lilian González, president of the provincial government body, said that the territory has other potentialities that are not properly exploited to increase the supply of products to the population.

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