CAMAGÜEY.- To impose time goals on herself whenever she enters the career track is the approval of Rose Mary Almanza Blanco, at present main figure of Cuba in the specialty of athletics of 800 flat meters.

The runner, native of the city of Camagüey, has on herself the challenge of following the legacy of the “Thunderstorm of the Caribbean Sea”, the great Ana Fidelia Quirós, who for years should harvest several metals and laurels for the Antillean Island.

The world of the rhythmic and artistic gymnastics marked the début of Almanza Blanco in the ambience of the sports activity from early ages, when she was still receiving the knowledge sat in the desk of a classroom, in third grade of the elementary education.

“Although I also had tendencies towards the dance, to the king sport I came thanks to my aunt Eusebia Riquelme, Ibero-American champion in Seville, Spain 1992, whom I have always admired, and at that time she accompanied me in special competitions”, she confessed.

“This way the athletics turned into one of the biggest passions of my life - she continues - especially since I entered to the School of Sports Beginning Cerro Pelado (EIDE), of my native ground, when almost my primary studies were materializing”.

“It was in that moment that the dilemma appeared of choosing between a discipline or another, but I decided on the one that I practice still today”, she affirmed.
On the hand of Leonel Suárez and Emilio Báez, her trainers in this educational center, Rose Mary constructed the foundations of a trajectory impregnated with contests both of continental and world fame.

“Although she preferred to be sprinter, I focused in the long-distance events, since to consideration of my first mentors as my physical conditions I would have major possibilities in this specialty”, she said.

“In the EIDE in the stage of the National School Games I liked very much to take part in the test of a thousand 200 flat meters, and since I made an incursion into the category of major I work in the double lap to the oval”, showed the holder Central American of Veracruz, Mexico 2014.

The ancient Higher Institute of Learning of Athletic Improving Inés Luaces, of Camagüey, it was another of the institutions that they favored to her formation, one year before being promoted in 2009 for the Higher Institute of Learning of Athletes' Formation of High Yield Giraldo Córdova Cardín, in Havana.

From this moment, Nelson García was her guide in the lines of the national team, to perpetuate the role redeemed by those that prepared her in properties of Camagüey.

Precisely along with him, Almanza Blanco stamped in 2015 her best personal mark (1:57.70 minutes), during a stop of League of the Diamond in France, and this way placed herself among the Cuban best brokers of the history in 800 flat meters, preceded by her idol Quirós and the universal monarch Zulia Calatayud.

In 2017 the world appointment of the discipline that was received in the English capital, closed with an unfavorable balance for the long-distance runner, who with a time of 1:59.79 minutes was not beyond the semifinal stage.

“After this experience I felt very sad. In London I faced the competition in very good sport form, although I could not come to the final”, she told on having remembered this moment that she considers like crucial for her career.

Some days later, the flavor of the elixir of the victory returned also under the instruction of her current trainer Faustino Hernández, and with Universiada Mundial of Taipéi of China she added one more crown to her list of records.

The enthusiasm, the joviality and geniality mark the personality of Rose Mary, who is an agreeable company for her friends.

“In my free time when I rest from the trainings, I enjoy of seeing novels, one of my favorite hobbies, in addition to feeling well surrounded with my friends, with whom I amuse myself very much”, she made sure.

Possessor of a strong maternal instinct, the athlete declares she likes in excess the children, therefore to shape a family is one of her goals of the future.

Nevertheless, almost 26 years of age, she still does not stop her determination to keep on representing Cuba in dissimilar stages of the world, for it, the Central American and Caribbean Games of Barranquilla, Colombia, constitute her biggest challenge for the present competitive calendar.

In this tournament, although her fundamental test is the race of 800 flat meters, Almanza Blanco is invited to cover the relief of 4X400 meters.

Since it departs important from the sportsmen's cluster that they shape the national team, her aspiration is to reign again before the rivals of the geographical area, since the results of the athletics are a weight element so that the Island supports the first place in the historical medal table of the regional fight.

  • Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez

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