CAMAGÜEY.- Camagüey began the conquest of the sun through the promotion of renewable sources of energy, and in particular the construction of photovoltaic solar parks, getting into the final execution of the third of these facilities in the municipality of Sierra de Cubitas, known as Imías.

The engineer Rolando González Rodríguez, director of investments of the Electricity Company, announced that the work will have 8800 panels, to ensure the generation of 2.2 Megawatts and its link to the National Electro-energetic System (SEN).

The work, located in front of the substation of 110 000 volts, progresses with the assistance of Workers of the Construction and Assembly Number One, technicians and workers of Copextel and of the same investor entity, committed to completing the work, so that this interconnected to SEN in the first half of March.

Guaimaro was the first park opened, and the second came up in the vicinity of the Integrated Center for Water Technology, in the Circunvalante Norte of this city, under the name of August 13, in honor of the birthday date of the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro.

Gonzalez Rodriguez announced that just after the execution of the investment of Imías finishes, they will begin the investment in Lugareño and Lesca, scheduled to end in 2018 and start two others: Tínima and Mechanical Plant, with a total value estimated at more than 15 million pesos.

Solar energy is taken directly from the sun and requires technology completely clean, while the spending that is required is the purchase and installation of equipment to capture solar energy.

The equipment consists of solar cells, basic units of energy, formed by a photosensitive plate that captures the photons of sunlight, which activate the electrons, located in the interior to flow and produce electricity.

There are many advantages of solar parks because they ensure not to use conventional fuel and eliminate emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere.

  • Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez

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