CAMAGÜEY.- “It seems that when one has children she loves more the freedom …”, said once Amalia Simoni, that illustrious mother and Camagüey´s citizen, moved especially by the courage of independence that her very loved husband and patriot should inject her. And yes, the suspension points hide somecomplement. To the quotation, something lacked: "… at the risk of being forever a culprit”.

Culprit, culprit of "bringing", without asking if the select verb was to take. Guilty of the similarities even if the exclusivity "was""preferred". Guilty of the fibs even though they are to free the "brought one" from some announced damage; after all culprit. Culprit of giving all the tastes and desires and aptitudes up, except to that of loving us.

Guilty of the closeness and of the necessary distance. Guilty of the sweet kiss and of the sensible reproach. Guilty of the exaggerated patience and of the complete fit. Of being, of aging, of going.

Culprit not only before the eyes of the descendants. Culprit is the most intimate and perpetual verdict that we dictate when we are pregnant; it does not matter if in the room the innocence is sung out aloud. It is a question of a fault - balsam that we carry with entire resolution.

Already in regressive count, May is also, or especially, the month of the mothers. That of the mummy that "sounds" with vowels and almost guttural consonants. That of the mom "incapable" of clearing the task.

That of the"pure one" that "melts" with her prophetic "sizes". That of the "old woman" bountiful in caresses that stopped touching her. That of the grandmother who sewed the layette of four children, the double of the grandchildren and now she "improvises" with the great-granddaughter.

That of the aunt or godmother that her whole life has given such much love as the mother who gave birth the child. That of the one that knows in the geometry of her belly the cause that accuses her. That of the one who assimilates with suspicion the judgment that discovered in the urine or on the screen of a "TV set", but before the one that will not present any appeal.

“It seems that when one has children she loves more the freedom … at the risk of being forever a culprit”. Amalia thought and cried out for all the Camagüey´s mothers. The fact is that perhaps in this "unfinished" prayer there is the fierce and lukewarm heart of those who are born and who give birth in this soil. For them, our culprits, this is the affection of the newspaper Adelante.