HAVANA.- (ACN) Cuban President Raul Castro delivered a farewell speech to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution before hundreds of thousands of Cuban people gathered at the Jose Marti Revolution Square, and several heads of State and Government from all over the world.

¨Dear Fidel, next to the monument to the National Hero Jose Marti, where we have gathered for over half a century at times of great sorrow, to honor our martyrs, to proclaim our ideals, to venerate our symbols and to consult our far-reaching decisions; here, where we commemorated our victories, we tell you, along our selfless, spirited and heroic people Till Victory, Always!¨ Raul said.

In his speech, the Cuban president praised the massive participation on the funeral rites, especially of youngsters, who went to the Memorial to reaffirm their loyalty to the ideals and work of the Commander in Chief.

Raul went over the many historical moments that had the Revolution Square as its venue, and recalled that from that very podium, Fidel expressed his concept of Revolution on May Day, 2000.

He spoke also of the mass rallies every May Day, and at every occasion the Revolution wanted to show the world the support it had from every Cuban.

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