HAVANA, CUBA.- (acn) JetBlue Airlines, first to begin regular flights to Cuba from the United States in 2016 has announced the opening of an office in Havana and British Virgin Atlantic Airlines started flying to Varadero Beach Resort.

 The President of JetBlue, Robin Hayes said in statements to the Cuban television that they are looking into possible sites for their offices in the coming months and characterized as very good its association with the Cuban Civil Aviation.

 He highlighted that the security infrastructure in the Cuban airports and operations compared to other parts of the world.

 Meanwhile, Cubadebate website reported that the British Virgin Atlantic Airlines started flights to Varadero last Sunday due to the growing interests of travelers visiting Cuba.

 The aircraft departs from Gatwick to Varadero and expect to carry over 28 thousand vacationers to the most important sun and beach resort on the Cuban archipelago.

 According to the Tourism Ministry, Cuba expects to welcome four million 200 thousand international visitors in all of its modalities, 164 thousand 423 more than in 2016.

 Alfredo Cordero, President of the Cuban Civil Aeronautics Institute recently pointed out in Havana that the island guarantees operation of its airports with high standards of security and quality.

 According to Jose Luis Rodriguez, Advisor to the Research Center of World Economy, tourism is highlighted as the best area of performance and with the best positive impact during the past year on the island, when the Cuban Gross Domestic Product decreased 0.9 percent.

 Tourism has consolidated as the sector with most interest among foreign companies to concrete business in Cuba.

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