CAMAGÜEY. - After the whole electoral process, in which 95 % of the workpeople of the Pediatric Hospital Eduardo Agramonte Piña of this city participated, Juan Infante Argüelles was elected as the first direct delegate of the province to the World Festival of the Youth and the Students that will take as headquarters the Russian city of Sochi, in October of this year.

The young Bachelor of Orthopedics’ and Traumatology is the first one of three direct delegates of the province to the appointment of the progressive youth of the world. One of the Contemporary Ballet Endedans and another one of the Dairy Industry of Nuevitas municipality will join him as direct delegates.

According to Yohandri Ruiz Villalón, the first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Union of Communist Young people (UJC) in the territory, the merit of having a direct delegate to Sochi is for the whole group. “You gained it with juvenile propulsion, with the transformations towards the internal thing of each one of the base committees and the leading role of the youth in each of the tasks, including the proper repair of this important hospital”, he emphasized.

For his part, Juan Infante, with the faltering words by the emotion, was grateful to all his partners for the confidence deposited in him and assured that he will take the message of the revolution to the youth of the world. “With the same commitment that we arrived on November 26 to Birán, a few hours after our Commander has died, I will take to Sochi the conviction of all of us to continue his legacy and to defend the work of the revolution”, he expressed to his partners when he found out the results of the election.

Juan received the credential that already credits him as delegate to the Festival, delivered by Julio Heriberto Gómez Casanova, member of the National Bureau of the UJC and by Julio Velázquez Ávila, member of the Provincial Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba in Camagüey.

The Pediatric Hospital of this province has 1295 workers, 23 % of these are young, to the avant-garde of all this youth there is a UJC committee and five base committees.

On July 14th and 15th, the Provincial Festival of the Youth and the Students will be developed, where the Camagüey´s delegation will be elected to go to Sochi 2017.

 Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez

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