Diango González Guerra, the system’s vice-director, said they have been working in Theatre and Visual Arts specialties up to the moment. This year we have given attention to students not only from Camaguey territory but also from Sancti Spiritus and Ciego de Avila, according to orientations from the Arts Schools National Council, he explained.

Regarding talents recruitment for Theatre and Music, students from the whole province have been included who have proved greater efficiency and quality than in previous years, the officer emphasized.

The process of recruitments of students with abilities for Ballet is scheduled for the first days of May. Camaguey has proved an outstanding position in this specialty at a national level for having all ballet teaching levels, stated.

González Guerra stated that next May 2 will take place at the Matanzas province the exams for Medium Level of Ballet, to which Camagüey will present its whole 9th grade enrollment.  

We have great expectations as students have been very well prepared, so we have all of them to approve, finally commented the Provincial Artistic Teaching vice director.(Cubarte)

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Hand, foot and mouth disease, and children…
Hand, foot and mouth disease, and children…

The weather has a decisive impact on the emergence of viruses, and Cuba, as part of the tropics, faces a complex epoch in which adults concern about the children of very particular way, especially facing the conditions such as the one, we are going t [ ... ]

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