CAMAGÜEY.- More than 740 polling stations will be enabled in the municipality of Camagüey for the vote on the draft Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, scheduled for February 24 next year.

 After the popular consultation with good participation and solidity in the criteria was successfully passed throughout the region, the provincial capital works in the training of the members of the electoral constituencies.

 The preparation reaches every one of the members of the polling tables, composed mostly of men and women who repeat the previous electoral process, which gives more knowledge of the processes, said Martha Rosa Peláez Leiva, President of the Electoral Commission in the territory.

 She explained that the operation of support systems was already being revised, in particular transport and communications for information flow, in addition to graphic propaganda and media dissemination of the importance of assisting in voting in a decisive day for the Revolution.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez


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